Thursday, 23 June 2016

Patchwork Stars in Cream and Red

You may have noticed that my miniature making of late has switched focus from food to patchwork quilts. This is completely due to the fact that since having my son in January, I find it impossible to get my polymer clay out and get mini-making. It's just not feasible with a small baby who might need you to stop at any moment. Whereas with patchwork done by hand, you can just put it down whenever and it's fine when you come back. I hope to continue making dollhouse food at some point, but don't want to give up on miniatures altogether. So for now, here is my latest patchwork creation in 12th scale.

cream red dollhouse quilt

I went back to triangles for this one, but stuck with a fairly traditional design. It's the same one I used on my own 'real life' sized cushions a few weeks ago. It's almost the same colour scheme.

Real sized cushion

But much, much tinier, as the tape measure shows.

12th scale dollhouse quilt

Monday, 20 June 2016

Black is the new ... black

I flirted with triangles but then came back to my first love which is hexagons. 
I'm talking about patchwork of course!

Here is my latest dollhouse quilt in 12th scale to feature hexagons. I went for grey tones for something a little different to my usual colour palette.

grey dollhouse quilt

grey hexagon doll quilt

Friday, 10 June 2016

In which I discover a new shape ... triangles!

A quick glance through the sewing posts on this blog will tell you I'm a little obsessed with hexagons. Well this week I branched out and discovered a new shape - triangles! Aren't I brave?

A new dollhouse miniature quilt in 12th scale featuring teeny, tiny triangles.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Miniature Hexagon Quilts

I made some new 12th scale dollhouse miniature quilts this week.

I stuck with my old favourite, the hexagon, but they are slightly larger than usual 
so the quilts came together much more quickly.

A pink mini quilt.

pink dollhouse quilt

pink hexagons

 And a green one.

green dollhouse quilt

green hexagons

Each one took a couple of days to make. It usually takes me a couple of weeks 
so that was very satisfying.