Friday, 27 May 2016

I finally made something for myself!

We finally finished decorating our lounge just before Christmas year, about a month before baby Andrew arrived (phew!). Only now have I recently gotten round to making some patchwork cushions that go with the new decor. It was truly a strange thing to make something for myself for once. I usually make stuff as gifts or for my Etsy shop.

The walls are a cheerful creamy yellow and the curtains are a reddish burgundy so this patchwork design goes quite nicely with that and our brown sofa. I also made some plain burgundy cushions to go with the patchwork ones.

I made 4 cushions in total (2 patchwork and 2 plain) which took me all day to sew on the sewing machine because baby Andrew was not cooperating. Such is life, at least I finally got it done! I made them with envelope openings and from cotton so they will be easily washable. A definite must now the household includes a 4 month old!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Blue Cubes Quilt

Here is my latest dollhouse miniature patchwork quilt. I rather like the optical illusion of cubes this design has. It's currently available in my Etsy shop

blue dollhouse quilt

This mini quilt measures 6 and 7/8th" by 6 and 1/4" (17.5 x 16cm) and fits a 12th scale double bed. Each little patch is just over 1/2" long.
blue diamond quilt

Each little patch was individually hand sewn using the English paper piecing technique.

blue diamonds quilt