Sunday, 20 December 2015

Still crafting

I may have had to put a hold on the miniatures for now while I await my impending new arrival, but I'm still crafting when time allows. Here is my first ever attempt at a cardigan and booties, and my second attempt at a baby hat (the first one did not end well!).

I cannot decide if my favourite part is the TEENY TINY pompom on the hat.
Seriously the cutest thing I've ever made, it's no more than 2cm across.

Or the world's happiest piggy buttons. They are so excited!

Anyway, for a first attempt I'm quite happy with how it all turned out. Baby will be able to wear this a few times and it will hopefully stay together for as long as needed. Plenty of little mistakes in there, but plenty of learning done too. Thankfully my mother, who is an awesome knitter, has made me some outfits I feel confident will outlast the baby's size stage.


  1. It is lovely! Buttons, pompom and all. My first baby jacket-attempt ended badly (20 years ago!! Help...that long?!) as I had made the wrists far too tight. Luckily my mum had done some knitting for my daughter too ;). Merry Christmas, Pam in Norway

  2. So cute! You've done a great job! I tried knitting in the past and could only manage a scarf. thankfully my mum is an amazing knitter too so she made loads of lovely tops for Babou when he was born. Hope the birth went well and you're enjoying motherhood.
    Marion From