Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My first knitted blanket

Since my initially disastrous first attempts at knitting, I have been practising and decided to make a baby blanket for my impending miniature arrival. I stuck with just using a knit stitch (no purling) as the rows would be easier to count and it should keep it's flat shape better.

We haven't found out the gender in advance, so greens and yellows are my theme. I'd like to have done an awesome pretty photo of it in the cot, all ready to go, but alas we are not that organised and don't have a cot or crib just yet. It's okay, we will get there!

I'm quite pleased with the outcome. It looks quite neat to the untrained eye. Although I need to get better at stitching rows together, there is a marked improvement on this as you look from side to the other. All I can say is, it's a good thing pregnancy lasts as long as it does, or this would never have been finished in time! Frankly I'm astonished I got this done with 9 weeks to spare (due after Christmas). Who knows, I might go wild and do some hats and booties! (Or I might just let my knitting supreme mother do those.)

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