Friday, 8 May 2015

VE Day 70th Anniversary

It's the 70th Anniversary of VE Day today, which stands for Victory in Europe and marks the end of the Second World War. I remember as a young girl celebrating the 50th anniversary in school and not really getting it, but enjoying the fact we had lots of veterans (in other words grandparents!) come to school and I seem to remember there was a lot of cake. 
WWII era dollhouse miniatures by PoppetsDollyBits
But in all seriousness, I'm thankful we still acknowledge the importance of remembering VE Day and we acknowledge those who fought, supported the war effort or otherwise did their bit for peace in Europe. I'm a little sad when I realise we're running out of WWII veterans to thank (and not just veterans, but anyone who lived through it and supported the effort) but then again I'm happy we haven't had another war of such a large scale to create another war generation.

So take a minute today to remember all that was and hope we've learnt some lessons from it. And if you know anyone who was involved, spend time listening to their stories and thank them!

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