Monday, 27 April 2015

Zig Zag miniature quilt

Here is my latest 12th scale dollhouse miniature quilt

 This patchwork piece was entirely hand-sewn using the English paper piecing technique. This is out and out my preferred method for making miniature quilts. It's so important to get uniform patches so the seams line up, and being even a couple of mm out is really obvious in miniature. I find the paper piecing method makes it so much easier as I am terrible for cutting out uniform seam allowances when sewing patchwork the normal way. Look at those corners, I'm pleased with them!

I went with blues and yellows in a mottled fabric as I've noticed all my previous quilts are either floral or feminine colours, and I wanted something a little more unisex this time.

There is also some tiny quilting, although it's hard to spot from the front. You can see it from the back more easily.

So that was the zig zag quilt and I hope it finds a home in someone's dollhouse soon.

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  1. la encuentro muy original, y me encanta el colorido que le puso
    un abrazo