Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happy St George's Day

I'm English (well half) so today I'm wishing you a Happy St George's Day. We don't really make a big deal out of this in England - it's not any kind of public holiday. But it is an excuse to celebrate some very English miniatures.
St George Medieval Sconce by CalicoJewels
An English bulldog by Willane
English fry-up by me!
Metal Dragon Sculpture by DavisBrothers

Not a dollhouse miniature, but it's not really St George's Day
without some mention of dragons!


  1. Happy St. George's Day to you too! Your minis are cute...but you are not going to leave us non English people in the dark about St. George's Day are you? :-)

  2. To be honest, our patron saint day just isn't celebrated as much as the likes of St Patrick. But the story is Saint George slew a dragon and saved the day. We never went much further into it than that when I was in school. I always felt sorry for the dragon!