Friday, 13 March 2015

Mini Musings

Tiny things, little stuff.
I just cannot get enough.

Everything is better small.
Dinky dolls, I love them all.

Miniatures to scale and true,
Minuscule is what I do.

'Cept when I drop them on the floor,
And they can't be found no more.*

*I hate double negatives but it fit better and artistic license and blah blah blah.


  1. ...and don't forget the truth...still looking for little lost stuff lol

  2. Ah, artistic licence .... everyone should have one. It can take you to places imagined or not.
    I have a glass pedestal that displays silvered pears. I have bumped it so many times I do not know why it is still in one piece. I keep finding it or pears on the floor but I resist glueing it in place. I somehow imagine it off at banquets in the night. Don't know if other miniaturists notice things about certain items in their 1/12 house.
    regards Janine