Friday, 6 February 2015

Our house, in the middle of street

Well done the Madness fans who got the title! My house isn't actually in the middle of my street, but oh well it's a good song.

My latest quilting project involved making a likeness of my house from whatever scraps of fabric I had lying about the place. I didn't make this one for any good reason other than I fancied doing it. It's not like you can give a picture of your own home to someone else! It's nice to enjoy one's own efforts for once.
This isn't in any way proportional (or even from one view - it's all gone a bit Picasso on this one) but people who've seen my home were able to see what I was getting at! Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the final result, and will hang it up somewhere to make myself smile. I especially enjoyed doing the little button flowers.

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