Sunday, 22 February 2015

Old habits

I used to write poems
When I was a little kid.
Almost every single day,
I thought everybody did.

But then I got older,
And I'm always short of time.
I can't find a decent rhythm.
I can't make a proper rhyme.

So I've set myself a challenge.
I will learn to write once more.
And I'll make myself enjoy it,
It will not become a chore.

Once a week I'll pen a poem.
Could be almost anything.
Here's hoping it's a habit,
And not just a silly fling.

If you like then you can join me,
Let your creativity shine.
Doesn't matter if we're rubbish.
In my head I'm super fine!

1 comment:

  1. uno tiene que sentirse orgulloso incluso de intentar cosas fallidas, me gusta como se expresa en poesia
    un abrazo