Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy Epiphany Day!

I'm half French, so on the 6th January we have often celebrated Epiphany - or la Fête des Rois (the Kings' Festival) as it's called in French. It does of course involve cake like all good traditions! We eat a gallette des rois, which is a puff pastry almondy thing:

The exciting part is the little figurine hidden within the cake. It's traditionally a small porcelain figurine from the nativity scene, much like this:


The youngest person decides who gets which slice, and whoever finds the figurine is the king. They get to wear a paper crown - and buy the cake next year! I loved finding these porcelain miniatures as a child - apparently I've always been fascinated by small things. Eventually you should have enough figurines for your nativity scene, but I always seem to end up with 15 shepherds and no Mary. Never mind!

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  1. This sounds like a fun tradition. The people of New Orleans, Lousinsiana United states have a tradition like that also. I can just imagine that cake with a cup of coffee Yum. It looks dielicious. Happy Epiphany day!