Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 word of the year

I heard a few years ago about the idea of summarizing your whole year in one word. Not the easiest of tasks, but here's my attempt:

2014 = Progress

Our falling apart house is far from what most people would call acceptable, but it is a lot, lot better than it was when we moved in 2013. We have safe and secure stairs that you don't need climbing equipment to use. We have lintels over doorways so we don't have to worry about bricks falling on our heads. It's all signed off by the building code people. We got central heating well in time for Winter (major win!) and even replaced the front door so I don't have to kick my way into the house. There's still a lot to do, and we're a long way off even thinking about actual decor, but it is certainly progress on a work in progress.

We've got a proper staircase now - progress!

I changed jobs in 2014 after over 5 years in the same place. It's closer to home and hopefully has more scope for my to grow. It feels like progress to me. I sure hope it will be!

And on a note that I'm sure will bore most people, I am finally making progress on getting my weight and diet in check. It was never extremely bad (I'm lucky enough to sincerely dislike soda!), but it wasn't great and I have put on a few too many pounds in recent years. But now it is slowly but surely progressing in the right direction. Here's hoping I can keep going with it throughout 2015 and beyond.

More of this!
Less of this!

Now the only thing that didn't really progress for me in 2014 was my Etsy shop. What with all the DIY and job searching etc., it rather went on the back burner. Sure, I kept it ticking over, but I didn't make a fraction of the new miniatures I used to, and I certainly didn't do much in the way of marketing and publicizing or whatever it is the Etsy gurus are always referring to. I won't pretend it's going to suddenly pick up loads in 2015, because clearly there is still lots to do in the house and my job should be getting busier and busier. But I hope I can at least keep Little Time Wasters ticking along and get some new miniature made, as I do really enjoy doing it.

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