Sunday, 30 November 2014

Paint the whole world with a RAINBOW

Was Rainbow ever broadcast anywhere else but the UK? I don't know. So apologies to everyone beyond this fair isle who have no clue what the title of this post was in reference to.

I love a rainbow theme. There's no such thing as too much colour. The more the merrier for me! With that in mind, here is my latest  hand-sewn creation, along with a few other rainbow themed items I've made along the way.

Rainbow cake in 12th scale
Rainbow cake pendants

Part of the hexagon quilt

Rainbow jello bracelet

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Combined Passions

As well as making scale dollhouse miniatures, I also enjoy a bit of sewing in my spare time. So I'll combine those passions in this blogpost. Here are some beautiful scale dollhouse miniatures with a certain theme. Oh how I would love to have these in real life.

Sewing Box by ArtislunaMiniatures

Sewing Shelf by LittleHouseAtPriory

Sewing Basket by SophiaMiniatures

Sewing Room by LilliputLighthouse

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Post delay

Please note, I won't be able to get to the post office from 26th November until 30th November due to real life getting in the way. You can still order from my Etsy shop, it will just be a couple of days until I post the item out. I'll be back to normal by December!

Oops! I'll be back to normal soon.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The last gingerbread house

I love making 12th scale miniature gingerbread houses, because each one is unique and it's fun coming up with the designs. Plus they're just adorable! But I've only got one left in my Etsy shop
and here it is:

I especially like the candy canes around the door and on top of the chimney stack.
With a penny for scale

I hope my last gingerbread house finds a home in time for Christmas. If I get the time, I'll make some more and we can have a whole gingerbread house village.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Making cake

I love making cake almost as much as I enjoy eating it.

I especially like decorating cakes. Endless possibilities!

With a penny for scale.min

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas posting dates

I hate getting into Christmas too soon. I'm no Scrooge, it's just somehow less special the more diluted it becomes.

But with that being said, a Christmas post is in order, specifically the Christmas posting days. It's always sooner than you think, particularly the international dates.

So here are the last posting dates before Christmas according to the royal mail plus a couple of days to allow for real life getting in the way.

USA & Canada - 7th December

Western Europe - 12th December

Australia - 1st December

United Kingdom - 17th December

If I forgot your country please don't be offended. You can always message me via Etsy for specifics.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Finger Food

I love some finger food! Perhaps your dolls do too?
Here's one of my favourite platters of finger food I've made:
Cold cuts and veggies
With a penny for scale
Salmon and veggies
And with a penny for scale

Perhaps the salmon one isn't quite finger food, maybe you'd need a knife and fork?
Who cares, it looks yummy!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hexagons Hexagons Hexagons

If you've ever checked out the patchwork section in my Etsy shop, it becomes quickly apparent that I am obsessed with hexagons. I don't know why they're so appealing, but ever since I discovered the English paper piecing technique for patchwork, I've become a hexaholic. If more proof were ever needed, I present to you the hexagon quilt!

Please excuse the terrible photography, but you get the idea.

The hexagon quilt started off life as hundreds (maybe thousands, I never counted them) of little, individual paper hexagons which I covered in fabric:

These were then all hand-sewn to each other like this:

And they were all sewn to each other with a little white path between each one.
This design is a grandmother's flower garden, although mine is quite a funky one.

Once I'd finished hand sewing all the hexagons together, I had to quilt the whole thing. I had planned on doing this by machine, however my sewing machine is really not set up for quilting and it couldn't handle the thick wadding I used (clever me). So I ended up hand-quilting the entire thing along the white paths, which took For.Ev.Er.

Once all the quilting was complete, I machine sewed the binding on the front side, and hand sewed the binding on the back side by stitching in the ditch. Also seemed to take forever! I am a lot more enamoured with the patch working than I am with the quilting.

More hexagons...

So there we have it. This quilt took ca. 13 months to complete from start to finish, although I did do several other projects during this time, as well as moving house, doing tons of DIY, changing jobs, relearning how to drive. So a normal person could probably finish it sooner. I really enjoyed sewing all those hexagons together, but I am relieved it is finally finished. And it's being given to a special friend of mine, who I hope will get plenty enjoyment out of it too.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Chocs away!

A few chocolate creations to be found in my Etsy shop right now. I'm trying to cut down on the sweet stuff in the run-up to Christmas (when I'm sure there will be multiple sugar overdoses) and all these miniature confectionaries aren't helping my willpower!
And with a penny for scale.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pink Hexagons

I made a blue hexagonal patchwork pillow cover, and thought it looked a little lonely.
So here is a pink one of similar design:
The front is entirely hand sewn using the English paper piecing technique, and the back is an envelope opening in delicate cream fabric with a flowery pattern. And I used up most of my pink stash of fabric making this, so mission accomplished there (I'm trying to tidy up my fabric stash).

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I've nearly always had long hair, mostly due to the fact I'm too lazy to go to the hairdressers very frequently. And I'm lucky enough that my hair is naturally straight, so pretty easy to scrape back into a pony tail and ignore. Anyway, I decided I was due a chop, and due to my aversion of hairdressers, I tend to get quite a lot lopped off at once. But I thought, what a waste of hair. So after a little research, I decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust, who make and supply real-hair wigs to children in need of them (often due to cancer treatment). You have to make a minimum donation of 8 inches, so this wasn't going to be a short trim.
Exhibit A: 9 inches of fresh hair.

Exhibit B: yours truly working her new style.
I'm not a naturally out-of-focus person,
Just not quite got the hang of selfies.
I'm rather loving my short hair at the moment, I feel light as a feather! But I expect I'll go back to my old ways soon enough and grow it all back. So I'll hopefully be donating again in another 3 years or so. And it's a nice side effect that it might make a child going through hard times' life just a little easier.
If you're interested in donating either hair or money to the Little Princess Trust, go check out their website which is full of information.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Tea and tea and more tea

I went a little crazy making tea last week. As evidenced here:

That's a lot of miniature cups of tea.

Anyway, I'm making a multitude of tea sets with all these cuppas.
Here's what I've completed so far:
This one comes with some very delectable looking cheesecake.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Time for a fry-up

I finally got my act together and made enough miniature baked beans to make some proper English fry-ups! Hurrah! The beans are probably the easiest thing technically to make of this dollhouse miniature, but boy do they take AGES! I made enough for six plates of full English breakfast, which I made into dollhouse miniatures and rings.
One of my favourite rings that I make.
Which doll wouldn't appreciate a fry-up in the morning?
And with a penny for scale.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Time for Tea

I made a new tea set. And it comes with some yummy looking miniature cupcakes too.
Or you can have coffee for one if you prefer: