Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I recently finished off these real-sized matching cushions. These were requested by my nan with the simple brief of one green/fawn cushion and one red/black cushion. I decided to make them match as it wasn't clear if they were meant to or not so I thought better safe than sorry. I also went for a rose theme because I know nan would like that, and whichever mate she gives them to (I think they're going to be a gift) will probably enjoy that too.

The background squares and borders are machine sewn. I'm pleased with how neatly my squares' corners match up. This is a huge improvement for me! The petals (I think it's called a tobacco leaf design) were hand appliqu├ęd as I am apparently a glutton for punishment and obsessed with this technique.

I really enjoyed picking out the fabrics for this one. I especially love the green and burgundy roses with black fabric, which I got here.

As you can tell, I love matching fabrics for I am easily pleased. I quite like these individually, but really do prefer them next to the other fabrics on the cushions.

I also loved the cream fabric I used to back these and on the red/black cushion. You can't really tell from my rubbish photography on the cushions themselves, but it has a subtle flowery pattern which continues on with my rose theme nicely. It's very pretty in real life! I got this fabric from the same place as the rest:

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