Monday, 3 February 2014

Teething problems

As could be seen from my last set of miniature photos, I really hadn't gotten the hang of taking good pictures in my new house. I hadn't found a decent place to take photos in natural light, nor a good place to set up my photo-box light set, since none of the rooms has more than one plug and the thing requires two. I can't even simply stick a double adaptor on as the electrics are not brilliant and I daren't overload them (currently we can't run the kettle at the same time as the toaster). The fact that it's Winter and we hardly get any sunlight doesn't help. Anyway, after much trial and error, I've found a spot in my kitchen that is okay (ish) as long as I don't mind unplugging almost everything.



The light is much whiter and softer, and while it's not perfect, it's a lot better than before! Has anyone got any tips for taking photos of miniatures in the middle of winter in a dark house with dodgy electrics? Not asking for much am I?

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