Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Every year I dither about whether or not to make a New Year’s Resolution. Most people never stick to them so what’s the point? Well this year I have just the one, and it is very simple – to make more miniatures… some miniatures… any miniatures would do!
You wouldn’t think I’d need any resolve to achieve this, since it’s something I enjoy. But since our house move last autumn I haven’t had the opportunity to make a single miniature of any kind. In fact, until Christmas I didn’t even have any tiles upon which to work so couldn’t have made any even if I somehow found the time. Oh yes, Santa knows me well, bringing me plain ceramic tiles for Christmas as he did (if I’ve been a really good girl all year he evens brings me liquid fimo)!
Ever since the big move into the never-ending DIY job that is our old house in the countryside, I have been either at work or doing DIY. In the few spare hours I sometimes get in the evening, I don’t have the energy or concentration required to make detailed miniatures, plus all my kit was still in boxes. I have been doing a fair bit of hand-sewing (see the Christmas present post!) but that’s it as far as creating anything goes. It’s been nearly 3 months since I made anything in miniature! And that needs to end.
Luckily I anticipated this happening, so went a little crazy over the summer stocking up my Etsy shop. As a result it has not suffered too much. But I would love to replace some of the things that have sold out and just make something new. And wouldn’t it be great to have some miniatures of my own to blog about in this so-called miniature blog!
What are your crafting hopes and plans for 2014?

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