Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lessons I have learnt since moving to the country

As you probably know, I moved house this year. We've always been semi-rural, but now we are on the very outskirts of a rural village where people keep animals and there's hardly any buses. I feel much more out in the sticks, and for the most part I am loving it. We've more space, we're less over-looked and certainly don't have to worry about where to park the car anymore. It's great. But I've learnt a few things too since moving to the country.
In no particular order:
Mains gas is a luxury that you should never take for granted (as is mains sewage).
Learn which neighbours keep which animals in advance. That way, when some little, lost quails come chirping into your garden you know who to return them to before one of them flaps over the fence into next door's garden (which is unfortunately full of dogs).
Be good at giving directions because TomTom cannot find where I live and neither can anyone else.
Road gritters, what road gritters?
Ducks are noisy hooligans.
Even the local council doesn't actually know when the bin lorries come to my house. But my bin keeps being emptied so I don't mind too much.
Watch out for bunnies in the road (and really stupid ducks)!
Invest in torches. When you don't have street lights, it is pitch black outside at night. I've no idea why this came as such a surprise to me.
Watching the little birds from my kitchen window is one of life's great pleasures.
The further out of the centre of the village you live, the 'quirkier' you must be. As mentioned, I'm on the outskirts and seem to fit into the system quite nicely.

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