Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guten Tag

It's been a crazy, hectic time of late in the land of Little Time Wasters. As mentioned, I moved house a month ago. I'm out in the countryside with a little bit of land and a house which requires a LOT of hard work to get it even livable. And we still haven't got  the internet sorted properly, thus my intermittent blogging. 

I'm currently writing to you while on a business trip in Germany (where they have internet and civilization!). Here are a few of the local delights I plan on savoring this week. And when I've finally got my house in some kind of rudimentary order, I might even make some miniatures of them!

Is there anything more German than beer and sausages?
Pity I don't actually like either.

Strudel is one of my favourite things here.

I love a German style breakfast!

Pretzels which are actually called Breze in Bavaria.
I love Kinder Country - they're delicious.
If anyone knows where you can buy them in the UK,
please let me know!

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  1. not a lot of hope of coming across them... but you can get them from Amazon if you are really desperate