Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Posting Dates

Yes I know it's far too early to be talking about Christmas constantly, but it turns out it pays to be organised. Who knew the Christmas posting dates were so early?

I'm based in the UK, so if you want something to arrive to you from my Etsy shop in time, please make a note. (These are my posting dates, I've had to allow a couple of days extra for getting to the post office etc.)

Last posting date from the UK to:

USA: 11th December

Canada, France, Poland & Greece: 6th December

Other Western European Countries: 11th December

Australia & New Zealand: 1st December

UK: 16th December

If I've forgotten you and your country I do apologise, these are the ones most of my customers seem to come from. You can always convo me via Etsy and ask.

Please note, these dates are not guarantees that your package will arrive before Christmas, they are what the Royal Mail recommends!
Makes me all jolly inside!
Now I promise to hush up about Christmas until at least mid-December.

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