Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

So I'm a day late wishing our American friends, but I'm British and I never remember until late in the day. We had our own British version of Thanksgiving in our house and feasted on fish and chips! When I think of what I'm most thankful for, it has to be family and friends, especially given the amount of help they've given us since we moved house. What about you?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pink Treasury

Thanks to WhimsyWooDesigns for featuring Little Time Wasters in this cute, pink treasury on Etsy!
Can you spot which one is mine?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Posting Dates

Yes I know it's far too early to be talking about Christmas constantly, but it turns out it pays to be organised. Who knew the Christmas posting dates were so early?

I'm based in the UK, so if you want something to arrive to you from my Etsy shop in time, please make a note. (These are my posting dates, I've had to allow a couple of days extra for getting to the post office etc.)

Last posting date from the UK to:

USA: 11th December

Canada, France, Poland & Greece: 6th December

Other Western European Countries: 11th December

Australia & New Zealand: 1st December

UK: 16th December

If I've forgotten you and your country I do apologise, these are the ones most of my customers seem to come from. You can always convo me via Etsy and ask.

Please note, these dates are not guarantees that your package will arrive before Christmas, they are what the Royal Mail recommends!
Makes me all jolly inside!
Now I promise to hush up about Christmas until at least mid-December.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Let there be music

While procrastinating instead of being productive, I chanced upon some beautiful musical themed miniatures on Etsy. In my dream dollhouse, there would most definitely be a music room, and here are a few of the things I would love to put in it.

Old Black Grand Pianao by BentleyHouse Products

Music Stand by DawnsMiniatures

Mandolin by DawnsMiniatures

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guten Tag

It's been a crazy, hectic time of late in the land of Little Time Wasters. As mentioned, I moved house a month ago. I'm out in the countryside with a little bit of land and a house which requires a LOT of hard work to get it even livable. And we still haven't got  the internet sorted properly, thus my intermittent blogging. 

I'm currently writing to you while on a business trip in Germany (where they have internet and civilization!). Here are a few of the local delights I plan on savoring this week. And when I've finally got my house in some kind of rudimentary order, I might even make some miniatures of them!

Is there anything more German than beer and sausages?
Pity I don't actually like either.

Strudel is one of my favourite things here.

I love a German style breakfast!

Pretzels which are actually called Breze in Bavaria.
I love Kinder Country - they're delicious.
If anyone knows where you can buy them in the UK,
please let me know!

Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm back! Sort of...

I've finally reopened my etsy shop after lots of big life changes! I've moved house and didn't have the internet. I don't have a brilliant connection right now but it's better than it was.

While my shop is open I cant actually get to the post office until 18th November. But if you see anything you like you can order it and it will be reserved for you upon my return to normal life. Hurrah!

Sorry this post is so basic, I'm not yet on my normal computer and am completely inept on this device. Can't wait to get back to normality!