Friday, 6 September 2013

Love at first sight

Like many miniaturists, I was first introduced to life on a smaller scale when I myself existed on a smaller scale – as a child. I didn’t have the typical dollhouse and Barbies and obsession with all things pink and sparkly. In fact I developed a proper aversion to all things pink by the age of 6, I blame having three brothers and a thorough enjoyment of playing in mud.

This caravan was my favourite!
But I loved animals and imaginary play, and I had a decent collection of Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters in the USA) which was added to each Christmas. Half of their clothes were homemade from scraps of felt, and I made the food (badly) from fimo while my dad being the excellent carpenter he is even helped me to make various bunk beds and tables from off-cuts of wood. These were the most basic things you ever saw, but I thought they were SO cool.
This was the pinkest thing I ever had.
Despite having a number of nicely decked out proper Sylvanian buildings (the last of which was the Boutique complete with frilly wedding dress, was my mother trying to girlify me?), I was also happy making houses from cardboard or having my Sylvanians live in the woods and weaving rugs out of grass. They even spent a few weeks living in a ‘dump’ – I think I must have recently read Stig of the dump when that inspiring setting hit me, I was a weird kid.
Although a lot of my play involved very dramatic and terrifying plots (such as when the rabbits had to escape into the woods as their homes were bulldozed or when the hedgehogs’ shop was burgled, like I said, weird kid) I did used to spend hours making intricately set-up scenes from my collection and whatever I had made. I loved to line up all the little pots and jars in my ‘shop’ or set up a restaurant complete with tiny knives, forks and spoons. I think that’s the part most miniaturists love too, and it’s never left me.
In an ideal world, I would have enough time and space to have a proper dollhouse with lots of rooms to fill full of handmade and homemade miniatures, but alas it’s not the case at the moment. Other than the squirrel tree which sits on top of a bookcase most of the time, there’s just no space for such ambitious projects.  One day though, there will be a room in my house that will look something like this!
When did you first discover a love of miniatures and what is it you enjoy most about it?

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  1. I still love Sylvanian family sets now! Up until a couple of years ago I had the excuse of buying them with my daughter as she loved them too(until she got 'too big for toys');)
    My first dolls house as a child I can barely remember. It had metal furniture which lasted me a while, and I got a dollshouse about every Christmas but the house I fell truly in love with, which I still have is my 'Caroline's home' by Lundby :) I think to be honest when I found adults collected dollhouses everything was from the Victorian era and I collected it all as it being in miniature was enough lol and I do love my first 1/12 classical from DHE but I came to realise it was a modern house I wanted like my Lundby as its lay out was so realistic as was the furniture, unfortunatly I didn't really know about ebay back then and being able to find treasures on there, and all the furniture I found from dollshouse emporioum etc was too big for my Lundby but I found and purchased 'the laurel' by Greenleaf and kit bashed the hell out of it haha,