Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Non-miniature crafting achievement!

As has been mentioned on occasion, I don't just make miniature food. Oh no, sometimes I do patchwork and quilting (badly). So now I'd like to share with you the momentous moment that is the completion of my first ever attempt of a Baby Jane quilt!

Now I cheated, I admit. I didn't do all the blocks in a proper Dear Jane. But I certainly did well over half, and for a complete novice, I'm quite pleased with myself if I do say so. This is my second ever quilt and far more complicated than anything I'd ever attempted previously. It took eight months to complete start to finish. It's by no means perfect, but I am unashamed enough that I will be gifting it to one lucky family member for Christmas. I hope she likes it!

It will fit the bed it's intended for,
which is a King whereas this is only a standard double.
If you're super curious about how this quilt came together, I blogged about it over at my Deat Jane blog. I'm just relieved to have finished it in time! Now I just need to decide what project to sew next...

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