Saturday, 10 August 2013

New layout on Etsy

I got an email from Etsy recently informing me of changes to my shop. Ah joy. If you could see my mobile phone (I have no idea what model it is) you would quickly deduce I don't do well with technological advances. It's not that I'm against them per se, it's just that I'm far too lazy to get to grips with them unless it's absolutely vital. Well understanding how my Etsy shop works falls into that very exclusive 'vital' club, so I had a look into it.
See what I mean about the technological uselessness?
This photo looked fine in paint, and it's gone all wonky now!
So here it is. Everything is a little rejigged, but I don't mind too much. I do like the fact that now when you click on littletimewasters it takes you directly to my shop rather than my profile page. If a potential customer is only going to click on one page, I'd much rather it was the one with my stuff for sale, rather than the one with my oh-so-witty banter (you can come here for that!). 
 The only thing that narks me is that in the email I received, it stated that it would be advantageous to site visibility if there were more than three items available. I'm not sure if they meant three of each item (there is a drop down quantity box after all) or just three items total in the shop. Could anyone clarify that for me? I hope it's the three items total in the shop, as it seems unfair to penalise one-of-a-kind makers on a handmade site.
Anyway, those who have already opted in or had the new layouts forced upon them, what do you think? 

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