Monday, 10 June 2013

Making the Squirrel Tree Part 4

I've begun to make and accumulate stuff for the inside of the Squirrel Tree. I made this little bathroom sink from seashells, a twig, some fimo and superglue. It all survived the oven surprisingly well. Eventually I intend to put a little toothbruch in the twirly shell (or whatever the technical term is) and some soap in the cockle.
This 1/24th scale toilet was made by FairyFurnishings who I found on Etsy. They usually make 1/12th scale fantasy items, but I requested this smaller scale and they were very willing to oblige with a custom listing. It's much cuter in real life than my photo shows, and the little toilet lid even opens and closes. I love little details like that.

And here's a critter I made from a snail shell (well cleaned out) and some fimo. He/she (snails are hermaphrodites dontcha know) isn't glued in place, so he could turn up almost anywhere. I like to think of him as the squirrels' pet.


  1. el lavabo es genial una gran idea, me encanta el inodoro seguro que las ardillas estarĂ¡n contenta con el jajaja, y creo que el caracol es una buena mascota para ellas. todo muy bonito
    un abrazo

    the sink is great a great idea, I love the toilet sure the squirrels are happy with the lol, and I think the snail is a good pet for them. all very nice
    a hug

  2. I love the seashell sink. Very creative! And the snail is really cute too. :)