Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Making Leeks

I had a leek-making marathon recently. Leeks are one of those miniatures whereby the technique to make them means you can never make just one or two. It takes such a long time to get the shading right, that once you've managed it, you'd better make as many as you can! I follow a tutorial by Angie Scarr for making leeks. I don't quite follow all her instructions, but it's a good place to begin.
Here is my 'Skinner Shade' greens and white a few rolls in. I don't own a pasta machine, so getting the green and white to merge gradually takes me a LONG time.

Here it is a few rolls later, looking a bit more blended but not quite there yet.
Here is my leek cane, ready to be sliced up and made into miniature leeks. 
And here are lots of finished leeks, as well as leeks in progress. Constructing the leeks probably takes just as long as making the leek cane. It is just inescapably fiddly!
And here are a couple of uses to which I put my miniature leeks.
Leek Earrings
Veggie Stew in 12th Scale
So if you want some miniature leeks made by Little Time Wasters, now's the time, because I won't be making anymore until next year!


  1. creo que le quedaron muy bien
    un abrazo

  2. That really looks like a lot of time went into making the leeks! You must have very careful hands to make something so intricate! I'd love to give polymer clay a go sometime but I know I'd never be able to make anything as good as all the things I see online.



    1. Thanks for your kind comments Gemma. I thought the same thing when I first starter a few years ago, but a lot of it comes down to practice and patience. Now if only I could apply that to my sewing, perhaps my patchwork would line up!

  3. ¡Que maravilla! te han quedado perfectos , gracias por las explicaciones:-)