Friday, 21 June 2013

Half scale Greenleaf dollhouses - why do you torment me so?

My current dollhouse lust is directed at the half inch scale Greenleaf dollhouse kits. I love them all, but here are my favourites:
Half Scale Buttercup

Half Scale Arthur

Half Scale Jefferson

But here is the problem - they aren't available in the UK. I looked all over the internet and I couldn't find a UK based supplier anywhere. There are a few if you want one inch scale (12th scale), but I would absolutuely love a half inch scale dollhouse. Partly because I just don't have space for a one inch scale one, but mostly because I think they're so cute in that size. I enquired directly with Greenleaf how much shipping to the UK would be, and was sad to find out it's more (a lot more) than the cost of the actual dollhouse. I'm not surprised by this, but it makes it really not economic for me to buy from the USA. Boo!

If anyone knows of any UK based supplier of these half scale kits, please comment and let me know. In the meantime, feel free to share your own half inch scale creations based on these kits so I can become even more jealous. Did I say jealous? I meant inspired!


  1. Did you inquire with Greenleaf if they have any distributors (stores that buy from them)in the UK?


  2. I think buying them from Canada would be a better deal. Look at this link for The Little Dollhouse Company's selection.
    They have a facebook page, and if you ask for shipping and handling fees they will right you back. I don't buy from any American online stores any more since United States Postal Service increased their rates, it's simply not worth it and some stores won't even ship to Canada anymore.
    If you have American Blogging friends they might be willing to buy one for you and ship it.
    Or, try your luck on ebay. There are a lot of Dollhouse Kits on ebay.

  3. There's 45 on EBay right now - no idea what scales they all are but worth a look. Very pretty but connect with tabs...mmmmm???? I live in the States half a year at a time and have seen them and am not convinced - they seduce , but ..............

    1. I don't mind connecting with tabs as I'd be completely covering all surfaces with what I have in mind so it wouldn't be visible. There are loads to be found in the UK in 12th scale, but sadly not the 24th I've been after. It's just me being awkward!