Friday, 8 March 2013

Wish me luck

As you already know from a previous post I sometimes get the urge to don ridiculous makeup and outfits and dance in front of other people.

Tonight is my dance school's yearly show. No photos or videos to share of this performance, as it's in an actual theatre and not in public as before. You would think this would be less nerve-wracking, since it's not out in the street and I don't run the risk of accidentally having my boss in the audience (what a relief). But I always feel a bit more pressure not to suck when I remember people have actually paid to watch me dance (I say me, I'm in a group so they mostly won't be watching me).

Plus the wonderful costume combination of neon pink and leopard print has me rather worried as that most certainly isn't my usual style. But who am I kidding, when it comes to dance shows, anything goes. And besides, I have previous form...

17 year old me sporting a rather sexy neon outfit and wishing I still had that figure!

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