Monday, 25 March 2013

Making of the Squirrel Tree Part 1

I don't own a proper dollhouse. Woe is me, a miniaturist who doesn't own a dollhouse! In order to rectify this, I've been making my own dollhouse from scratch on and off for the past couple of years. Only, it's not really a house, nor is it for standard dolls, but never mind.

As a child I was obsessed (still am) with Sylvanian Families, also known as Calico Critters in the States, and my favourites were the squirrels. So this creation is loosely based on the idea of a treehouse, much like the ones small children imagine little animals live in. The Squirrel Tree was built with them in mind, and follows a very loose 24th (half inch) scale format.

Please make us a home.
Here are the beginnings of the Squirrel Tree.

The main body is made from large catering sized hot cocoa containers salvaged from a cafĂ© I used to work in. The side branches are toilet paper rolls and the base is a corner shelf. I built up the roots with newspaper and used cardboard to add various features such as the porch and side room. Then I used a lot of papier machĂ© to add the texture of the bark and make the whole thing sturdy. This took a long, long time!

Here is the Squirrel Tree fully textured up.

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