Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 random facts

Part of the appeal of buying handmade is knowing whatever you bought was created by an actual person, so today I decided to write a little about myself as a person in the form of one of those self-indulgent random fact lists. So when you look down at your hand-crafted Little Time Wasters miniature, you can think of how odd its creator is.

10 random facts about me
1. I speak French and German, and even a little Dutch (maar mijn Nederlands is niet erg goed).
2. The last time I drove a car was the day I passed my test. And that was 6 years ago. I shall definitely get some refresher lessons before I get back behind the wheel!
3. Even though I make miniature food, I am rather food phobic in real life. I won't eat most sauces, certain foods must not touch other foods (while others may only be consumed if definitely touching others) and my list of yuck foods is probably longer than my list of yum foods. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. On the plus side, I am getting better. In the past few years, I now eat (and enjoy!) prawns, green peppers, touching salad food (minus the dressing), nearly any kind of fish, brown pasta and rice, yogurt and broccoli among other things. I'm yet to convince myself I ever want to eat a tomato though...
4. I can do the splits!
5. I was awarded a prize from my school for getting one of the top 5 grades in the UK for A-level art. I got 598/600 if you must know, no idea how or where I dropped two marks from a perfect score. And then I promptly dropped art to study languages at university, because I secretly thought (and still sort of do) that it was a fluke, and never likely to lead anywhere.
6. My dad may not be well known in wider society, but he is positively famous among steam engine fanatics. When I am in town and bored, I go to WHSmiths and see if he is in any of the steam loco magazines, and he usually is. I once turned on the tv to accidentally find him being interviewed on the BBC by the guy who plays Kryten off Red Dwarf. That was fairly surreal.
7. I can't watch even the mildest of horror films. I always have to look away. I've just got too good of a photographic memory and the gore stays with me forever! So it's easier simply to avoid.
8. So you may think from random fact no. 4 that I am some kind of amazing gymnastics lady. Sadly not. I have never, ever been able to do a basic cartwheel. Not even when I was a little girl. I just can't do it! I'd fall over, or be bent in half, or just freeze on the spot. My dance teacher used to despair at me. Can't do a handstand either.

9. The misuse of apostrophes angers me greatly. I feel the urge to correct shop signs and menus when I see such beauties as soup's and pasta's, but I don't because the coward in me argues that vandalism is the greater sin than poor grammar. It's a close contest though.
10. I cannot sing for toffee, but that doesn't stop me trying.

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