Thursday, 10 January 2013

Miniature Food Jewellery

Here are a few miniature food jewellery pieces I've been working on recently.

I made a new watermelon cane. I love making a new cane, especially the part when you first cut into the middle of it, and hope to high heaven there's something recognisable in there! The seeds came out nice and even. The outer stripes are thicker than the last watermelon cane I made, but I think this works okay for jewellery as it will be more visible when worn.

Watermelon earrings
I also made a few miniature hotdogs, which I converted into a necklace and dangle earrings. The most fiddly part was the mustard. I became obsessed with the 'perfect' number of squiggles, as though there was such a thing.

Hotdog necklace
Hotdog earrings
Finally I've been making lots of cupcake earrings. This rainbow heart only pair is the only set I still have.

Rainbow cupcake earrings
The rest of them went to Yvonne at Jam Jar Beads (on Leopold Street in Sheffield city centre if you're local and curious). For some reason they sell a lot better in real life as opposed to online. I'm not sure why as they are more or less identical to what's in my shop. I haven't quite sussed getting perfect photos of them, perhaps that is the cause. Anyway, the rainbow heart cupcakes were my favourite!

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