Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Workshop in March

I've been invited to do a polymer clay workshop in March by Yvonne at Jam Jar Beads (www.jamjarbeads.co.uk) and I was wondering what to do. It will be food related and does not have to be to scale as this is for making jewellery, not specifically dollhouse miniatures.

It could be total beginners, so I don't want to do anything too frustrating. However it does need to involve some fun and skill, otherwise why bother taking a class in it? I was thinking something involving caning as it's always cool to see how they turn out. But no liquid fimo, because useful though it is, it's expensive and messy and probably not suitable for a beginner class.

Any ideas? I'm thinking orange/lemon canes that can be turned into beads or stud earrings. Yvonne is keen on cakes but I'm not sure how to do cool icing without liquid fimo. All feedback is appreciated!



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  1. Greetings from Singapore! Workshops is a new challenge. There is so much to consider.
    As I am not sure what is the duration of your workshop, is it a 2 hours or 4 hours type of workshop? I think using the duration to figure out what can they achieve during that time is a start. Not something too challenging that they can't finish it. For a 2 hours class, maybe a pair or 2 pairs of earrings. Could be a fruit tart earrings or even something that they can use as fridge magnets? I would say polymer clay is still easier to conduct a class as at the end of the class, you can put it in the oven to bake. For air dry clay, I still have to consider drying time and plan out the agenda to allow time to dry and think of what else they can do while waiting for it to dry! :D

    Good luck with your workshop!

    Pei Li