Sunday, 31 October 2010

Turkey Dinner

I decided to make some festive miniatures before Christmas was already over. Well done me! I even managed this turkey dinner set in time for Thanksgiving for our American friends.

These are all available in my Etsy shop. I was thinking of making some Christmas cake or pudding for dessert, but I'm pretty sure I won't achieve that level of forward-planning this year!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Say cheese!

I went on a cheese-themed, jewellery-making spree last week. The photos are pretty awful, in fact there are a few more pieces that I just couldn't get a decent shot off. So they will be winging their way to Jam Jar Beadsm some time soon, where my terrible photographic skills are not an issue! For you folk not local to Sheffield, these couple of pieces are available in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Icing Chocolate Cupcakes

This is my latest dollhouse listing on Etsy - a 12th scale set of cupcakes being covered in delicious chocolate icing and hearts. YUM!
Nothing is glued down, so whoever buys it can rearrange it to their heart's content. I like that the two types of wood in the chopping board match the cupcakes and icing. Little things like that make me smile.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Did I mention...

...I'm obsessed with jelly!!!
Available in my Etsy shop if you too share my obsession for the wobbly stuff.

Friday, 15 October 2010

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like mine in miniature! I've been busy making mini fried breakfasts in 12th scale for dollhouses and also as accessories to wear. I'm super pleased with the tomato slices, as this was my third attempt at a tomato cane (the others went in the bin). It's not perfect, but it's getting better. And the beans turned out just as I wanted!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I have the food tastes of a 5 year old...

...and I LOVE jelly! Or jello as our friends over the pond prefer to call it. I'm sure I've already blogged about my love of real and miniature jelly, but here's some more I've just made and listed in my Etsy shop. Om nom nom...

Monday, 4 October 2010

Death by Chocolate...I can think of worse ways to go

A fellow miniaturist recently told me she tends to make better miniatures of food she really enjoys in real life. No truer word, was there ever spoken, considering my latest mini project. I don't drink or smoke or eat much fried stuff, but my one huge vice has got to be chocolate! I could give up pretty much anything if I had to except the sweet stuff. Here is my tribute to chocolate:

I've listed it on Etsy so hopefully there are some 12th scale dolls who are as obsessed as I am.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Miniatura 2010

I've just been to Miniatura 2010 at the Birmingham NEC for the first time. Squee! I don't have any photos to share as I always feel a bit weird asking people if I can photograph their stall. So I'll have to describe it to you instead.

There were lots of different types of miniatures on show and for sale, including dolls, food, houses, furniture and building equipment and tools. I was particularly interested in getting some new tools, as I don't have a dollhouse to furnish (boo!). There was also plenty of smaller scaled options as well as the usual 12th scale. The building merchants were especially helpful giving instructions on how to use their products (such as lighting, flooring, fireplaces etc). Great for someone like me who doesn't have a clue.

There were some amazing artisans on show, as well as cheaper options for the not quite-so-well off miniaturist. All in all, I'd say if you are at all interested in dollhouses, it's worth the £7.00 entry fee to have a look round. If you're organised you can book tickets in advance for cheaper. Miniatura is held twice a year in March and October at the Birmingham NEC and lasts 2 days. For more information check out I'm looking forward to March already!