Monday, 31 May 2010

First ever prep table!

A while ago I bought myself a plain, unfinished, wooden table, with the aim of making a preparation scene in 12th scale sometime soon. That some time soon ended up months and months later!

Why did I pick banoffee pie in as my food? Partly because I haven't spotted any other banoffee pie prep tables on the internet, but mainly because I made a really cute peeled banana a couple of weeks ago, and really wanted to use it for something!

The completed 12th scale banoffee pie prep table!

Mmm banoffee pie! And a little broken egg, the little things are my favourite parts.
And that infamous peeled banana. This took me ages to make, and then I went and stuck it down so you can't even see half the detail of the peel! Never mind!
I hope you like it. Assuming I get my act together, I'll be listing it in my Etsy shop this week.


  1. Le quedo muy bien, y la realidad es que ese plátano tenia que usarlo usted en algo así.
    un abrazo

    I still have to him very well, and the reality is that this banana tape-worm that to use you in something like that.
    An embrace

  2. I love online translators, but Contar, I think I grasp what you're saying. Thanks! (I think?)

  3. I love it! Wonderful bananas and I love the peeks of meringue, is it?! Very nice!


  4. lovely minis! you've done a great job!
    i always love preparation table... ;)

  5. oh yes, and i think what Contar said is :
    "I am very well, and the reality is that that banana you had to use something.
    a hug"
    ~~i'm using google translator, not bad, right!