Monday, 24 May 2010

Featured Seller: Dales Dreams

This month I am featuring the works of fellow miniaturist Dale of DalesDreams'. Dale specialises in just about anything miniature in need of a needle and thread. I am in great awe of that because I struggle to know which end of a needle to hold, let alone create anything of skill or beauty from it. Here are a few examples of her lovely stuff!

Tri Panel Screen

Monogramed PillowRed, White and Blue Pillows

You can check out more of her Dale's lovely offerings at Enjoy!


  1. Hey, A-M, thank you! This is so sweet of you. :)

    The pointy end of the needle goes in the fabric and the part with the eye, you run the thread through. Thus ends your first sewing lessong. lol

  2. You're welcome Dale. Thanks for the heads-up on sewing. :P