Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sandwich Shop

This week I finally completed my 12th scale sandwich shop, which I will hopefully be listing at soon. I love it when a set has lots of little interesting components. I also tried to glue down as little as possible, as this makes it more fun to play with. Here are the fruits of my labour:

The little sandwiches were fun to do. There are egg slice, salami, chorizo, ham and cheese on offer. Also in the set are the ingredients to make the sandwiches, so a ham board, a salami and chorizo board, a cheese board, a bowl of loose eggs (they go EVERYWHERE), some loose tomatoes and a whole salami. For after your sandwich you can buy a piece of fruit from the blue bowl, or a bottle of cola. It all comes in a little brown bag. Oh and you can add mayo if you want, but I think mayo is gross. Yuck!


  1. hoooo, me gusta todo, que maravilloso, es usted una gran artista.

    Hoooo, I like everything, which wonderful, it is you a great artist.
    An embrace