Saturday, 6 February 2010

Obsessed with Jello

I am currently obsessed with jello, or jelly as it is known in the UK. I enjoy both eating it, and making miniature versions of it. Perhaps it is because it is just so pretty to look at! And it brings out my inner child. I don't understand why it's considered a kid's food. It's wonderful!

A few of the jellies I have recently made, which can be found in my Etsy shop. Om nom nom!


  1. These are sparkling and beautiful! I'm so jealous of you professional 'foodies'! Gorgeous!

    By the way, I'm bugging everyone to death to let them know my blog is no longer Mini Leaps and Bounds but Peach Blossom Hill like my Etsy shop. Hope you'll pop over and visit when you have time! Thanks!


  2. I feel honoured you call me a 'professional foodie'. This is most definitely a hobby right now. I need to get a whole let better and mroe efficient before I can start thinking about doing shows and such.