Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Making Salami Sandwiches

I am what I call a semi-vegetarian; meaning I hardly eat any meat at all. I do enjoy a steak or sausages, but it's not something I crave, and I could probably happily live without it. Certainly if I had to choose between ice-cream and meat, ice-cream would win hands-down!

But the one reason I will never be a true vegetarian is my love of parma ham and salami! It's sooooo good. In honour of that wonderful stuff, I've made a salami sandwich board. Om nom nom!

It measures just about an inch and 1/8 in diameter and is glued in place. I wish it were my lunch (except the tomatoes, I HATE those!)




  1. It looks colorful and delicious! I always look at color on a food presentation as when I was first married, I spent an entire day making my husband a real southern supper, fried chicken, asparagus casserole (which was smothered in cheese and mushroom soup), biscuits and mashed potatoes. He sat down and said, "It's monochromatic."