Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Power of the Light Tent!

I HATE taking photos for my Etsy shop and the honest reason is, I am not very good at it. I cannot blame my camera, it's wonderful. It's just down to a lack of skill. But I can partially blame the elements. I live in the UK and we are pretty lucky to get any sunshine at all. And in the Winter, even if the sun is shining, I am at work during daylight hours, so it's no use to me. I am either in total darkness, or fighting glare and shadows. It's just not a good look.

So my wonderful and incredibly thoughtful husband bought me a little light tent and white bulbs for Christmas. I am not into gadgets (I kept my last mobile phone for over 5 years) but this one I LOVE. It totally removes the glare and dark shadows, plus it doesn't matter if it's night or day. Since the dawn of civilisation mankind has done his best to overcome nature, and now I have too!

A couple of before and after photos to illustrate my amazing new toy:

I've re-taken 6 sets of listing photos for my etsy shop at and I'm hoping it will improve my views/sales now that people can actually see what I've made. Eventually I will redo all my listings, but I still hate taking photos and this was as much as I could bare to do in one sitting!

It's January, let's list for Easter!

I hate it that the shops are full of seasonal stuff 4 months before the actual holiday. I moan that it makes it less special and that by the time the holiday comes around I will be sick of it. But being the hypocrite I am, I have already listed some Easter items in my Etsy shop. Ah well! My excuse is it can take 2 weeks to ship to the States, and clearly any time of year is a good time of year for chocolate and bunnies. Who could disagree with that?

Friday, 29 January 2010

The Mini Food Blog!

I was featured in The Mini Food Blog today and I am pleased as punch! Go visit it at and check out my black forest cake. I am too chicken to ask peopel to feature me in their blogs, so it was extremely flattering to be asked. :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Breakfast Tray

I had my first attempt at any kind of kit - I wasn't overambitious, it was a wooden tray. I'm more pleased with what I put on the tray, a nice little breakfast set. I would be SO pleased if someone came up to my room and put this on my lap! To view this set in more detail, you can go to my Etsy shop The photos there came out way better!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Miniature Paintings

So I took a short break form making miniature food recently (it was mainly due to the fact the room where I make them was so cold I couldn't feel my hands). But I still had the mini-bug, so I did some 12th and 24th scale paintings instead. Thankfully, I can do those in almost any room as they create far less mess and chaos!

In 12th scale, I did The Scream by Edvard Munch, and The Water Lily pond by Monet. In 24th scale, I did Whistler's Mother, although it would also look good in a 12th scale setting (the orginal painting is pretty huge. The frames were custom-made by Ray, whose wonderful shop you can visit at for all your dollhouse woodworks needs.

My paintings are now listed in my Etsy shop at and I hope they make someone happy. Does anyone have an art-collector doll?