Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My mini debate

I was wondering to myself, is it better to try and sell small, cheaper individual items, or is it better to sell larger, more expensive 'sets'? I try to have a range of prices available in my Etsy shop but I find that the smaller items just get ignored. The larger items do get more attention, but obviously they cost more, so that could put more people off.

What do you think? Do you prefer little one treats, or comprehensive sets?


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  1. HI! i'm not new enough to selling (started in april this year) to say what works or not...i think the key thing is exposure. blogging, flickr, joining teams, being active on forums, chatting on all helps increase traffic.

    i'm trying to figure out a 'target audience', right now i feel i'm too general, i want to do all but wind up with nothing. so perhaps identifying your forte/signature will also help in picking out a target crowd to market to?

    hope this helps, it's just little bits and pieces that's floating around in my mind. AND I"M YOUR FIRST FOLLOWER YAY!!

    p.s. i started out with barbies, and when i became an adult (smirk) i bought myself a whole lot of sylvanian families! so i have a soft spot for them too ^ ^