Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My mini debate

I was wondering to myself, is it better to try and sell small, cheaper individual items, or is it better to sell larger, more expensive 'sets'? I try to have a range of prices available in my Etsy shop but I find that the smaller items just get ignored. The larger items do get more attention, but obviously they cost more, so that could put more people off.

What do you think? Do you prefer little one treats, or comprehensive sets?




I've never done a blog before so I am a bit of a novice. I also just recently opened a shop on, so I am a bit of a novice in that department too. To be fair, I haven't been making things out of polymer clay all that long either. All in all, this is new to me!

I've posted a couple of photos of my offerings to the right, which will link directly to my site at Let me know what you think of them and if you have any tips for improvement. Constructive criticism is welcome.

As for me, well I got into miniature making because I have always enjoyed making things. That unfortunately took a back seat in the recent past, as I was studying full-time for a degree in modern languages and my brain was too tired for anything more complex than menial tasks after several hours of learning grammar! Well I graduated about a year ago, and luckily found a job pretty quickly. Not having coursework occupying my evenings was incredibly novel (I went straight from school to uni) so I needed to find something to do, and I found polymer clay. It has somewhat back-fired as now I never have enough time to do everything I want! I long for the day I'm retired and can play with my clay all day long! Only 42 years to go! (Sigh, probably more, the way the retirement age keeps getting pushed back. Ah well.)

Thanks for reading, and I'll do my best to update every so often!